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Semi-Rigid High Impact Cast Urethane (Shore 50 D)

Semi-Rigid High Impact Cast Urethane (Shore 50 D)

Checkerspot® Cast PU 1003

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Checkerspot Cast PU 1003 was developed to balance impact resistance and tensile strength, including in cold temperatures. Potential applications include sidewalls in skis and snowboards, kiteboard and wakeboards rail, and other applications that require a semi-rigid material.

This two-component polyurethane casting system is formulated with 68% biobased content (ASTM D6866). It gels in 35 minutes and can be removed from the mold in 12 hours. For accelerated curing, post-bake at 80C (176F) for 30 minutes. The pigmented material (with dispersion loading at 2% by total weight) cures to a Shore hardness of 50 D.


Checkerspot’s Pollinator® Series Semi-Rigid Casting Resin is a two-component polyurethane casting system formulated with 67% biobased content (ASTM D6866). This polyurethane gels in 10 minutes and can be removed from the mold in 1 hour. For accelerated curing, post-bake at 80C for 30 minutes. The unpigmented material cures to a Shore hardness of 50 D.

Pollinator resins are strong with excellent machinability. The unpigmented material is a beeswax yellow when cured and can be colored with most common urethane tints. Our materials do not contain added mercury, tin, MOCA, or TDI, making them virtually odorless. There are no fillers in the resin, and it can be hand mixed or used with metered dispensing equipment. Pollinator biobased resins can be used with the same tooling, molds, and processes employed when working with fossil fuel-derived polyurethane formulations. This resin is ideal for casting prototypes, models, figurines, proofing molds, and reproductions that demand fine detail and high quality surface finishes. It is perfect for industrial designers, engineers, model makers, hobbyists, crafters, and all types of creators looking to use renewable materials.

If you require customized material properties, such as a quick cure, please contact us directly.


  • Ships from Salt Lake City, UT
  • International shipping available to EU, UK, and Canada.

Technical Data

  • Bio Content: 68%
  • Shore Hardness: 50 D
  • Gel Time (@ 72F): 35 mins
  • Demold Time (@72F): 12 hrs
  • Mix ratio (by weight): 42.3/100 pbw
  • Mix ratio (by volume): 34.5/100 pbv
WARNING: Prop 65 Notice View full details

Incorporate bio-materials into your designs

  • High Performance

    We test our cast urethane formulations under demanding conditions in skis and snowboards.

  • Certified Biobased

    With the Pollinator polyurethane system, make items with 50%+ biobased content (ASTM D6866).

  • Compatible

    Use this two-part casting system with the same tooling, molding materials, and processes you normally use for fossil fuel-based cast polyurethanes.

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