Create with renewable biobased urethanes.

  • High Performance

    Our proprietary algae-derived oils offer unique material benefits such as increased elasticity and wear resistance.

  • Compatible

    Use our two-part casting system with the same tooling, molding materials, and processes used for petroleum-based cast polyurethanes.

  • Certified Biobased

    The resin in the Pollinator® Kit is USDA Certified Biobased, and items made solely from the system are ≥​56% bio content (ASTM D6866).

    Learn more about our USDA BioPreferred Certification

  • Driven by Purpose

    As a public benefit corporation and Certified B Corporation, we're focused on being good stewards of the environment where we work, live, and play.

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Easily Add Renewable Content to Products and Prototypes.

Make what you make today, or come up with something entirely new. The Pollinator® Series Cast Polyurethane System is formulated to function similarly to conventional hand-mixable cast polyurethane. So you can make durable, high-detail, long lasting parts with the same tooling and processes. But now, with fewer fossil fuels.

  • The Pollinator Kit is ideal for hands-on prototyping. We can make mock-ups fast and feel good that it’s not harmful to the environment. We always have a great time working with this and its fun to discover new materials!

    — Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, Interwoven

  • Excited to be working with materials that have a beginning of life consistent with the values and ethos of surfers and environmental stewards. The Pollinator Kit has provided our small non-profit with the materials and tools needed to innovate, develop, and create high performance products from our small workshop. This has been an incredible opportunity to create change in the surf industry without the large startup costs needed to develop new materials.

    — Jeff Lenore, Waves Not Plastic

  • The sustainable positioning is the meaningful hook that gets you to pay attention but the work that went in to the packaging and user experience is the real winner for me...The soft bag gives you the ability to premix your material without even opening it and the spouts provide precision control when pouring. This solution also uses less packaging material, further supporting the sustainable positioning of Checkerspot.

    — Ryan Rutherford, Kean University

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Our Kits

The Pollinator® Kit is designed for creatives of all levels to use renewable polyurethanes.


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Checkerspot Is A New Kind Of Materials Company

We design materials at a molecular level, providing product designers and manufacturers with renewable materials to build applications for a post-petroleum future. 

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