Algae Polyurethane. (Yes, really.)

Renewable Material For People Who Make Real Things.

Design, prototype, and build with ≥​56% bio content polyurethane formulations.

Easily Add Renewable Content to Products and Prototypes.

Make what you make today, or come up with something entirely new. The Pollinator™ Series Cast Polyurethane System is formulated to function similarly to conventional hand-mixable cast polyurethane. So you can make durable, high-detail, long lasting parts with the same tooling and processes. But now, with fewer fossil fuels.

Algae Have Been Making Oil Since Before It Was Cool.

Much of the fossil fuel available today is actually the remains of prehistoric microalgae, from when dinosaurs roamed the earth. By going directly to the source and utilizing oils made from living microalgae, we’re eliminating 65 million years of geologic time and fossil fuel extraction in the process. 

Algae in. Petroleum out.

Renewable Building Blocks From Algae

The Pollinator™ Series Cast Polyurethane System is formulated with Checkerspot's Algal Polyol 001, a USDA Certified Biobased Product. Each item made solely from the resin system will be ≥​56% biobased (ASTM D6866).

  • Demonstrated

    Adapted from cast urethane formulations tried and tested under demanding conditions in wintersports applications.

  • Compatible

    Use this two-part casting system with the same tooling, molding materials, and processes used for fossil fuel-based cast polyurethanes.

  • Certified Biobased

    Each item made solely from the resin system will be ≥​56% biobased (ASTM D6866).

  • Open Access

    We want renewable materials to be available to everyone.

Our Kits

The Pollinator™ Kit is designed for creatives of all levels, experienced or newbs, to use renewable polyurethanes. Pick the one that fits your needs.

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