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Checkerspot® Cast PU 2147

Rigid High Flexural Strength Quick Cure Cast Urethane (Shore 75 D)

Rigid High Flexural Strength Quick Cure Cast Urethane (Shore 75 D)

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Checkerspot Cast PU 1004 was developed to balance impact resistance and tensile strength, including in cold temperatures. Potential applications include board sidewalls in for snow- and watersports, and other applications that require a rigid material.

This two-component polyurethane casting system formulated with estimated 58% biobased content (ASTM D6866). It gels in 17-21 minutes and can be removed from the mold in 12 hours. For accelerated curing, post-bake at 80C (176F) for 30 minutes. The pigmented material (with dispersion loading at 2% by total weight) cures to a Shore hardness of 70 D.



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Technical Data

  • Bio Content: 33%
  • Shore Hardness: 75 D
  • Gel Time (@ 73F): 1.5 min
  • Demold Time (@73F): 3-5 mins
  • Mix ratio (by weight): 125.8/100 pbw
  • Mix ratio (by volume): 103.2/100 pbv
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Incorporate bio-materials into your designs

  • High Performance

    We developed our cast and rigid foam urethane formulations for high performance conditions in skis and snowboards.

  • Biobased

    With the Pollinator polyurethane system, make items with 40% - 70% biobased content (ASTM D6866).

  • Compatible

    Use this two-part casting system with the same tooling, molding materials, and processes you normally use for fossil fuel-based cast polyurethanes.

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